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Accommodations, Transportation and equipment


As opposed to the majority of Western Canada's outfitter operations, we benefit from several log cabins built on a concrete footing and located in a picturesque setting along a small river. We offer urban commodities in a peaceful forest environment. Space and privacy are easily provided to each hunter who enjoys a personal room. We can even easily accommodate those who would like to take along a non hunting companion. Home cooked meals are prepared with care and only the finest ingredients are used. We can accommodate even the most restricted dietary requirements for all of our hunters.

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Getting there

Our hunters fly into Saskatoon on the Saturday preceding their hunt and spend a night there (click on the "useful links" tab for a list of venues). On the Sunday morning we pick them up at their hotel and take them to the hunting site which is approximately a three hours drive. Six days later, on the last Saturday of their stay, we take our hunters back to Saskatoon where most of them spend another night before flying back home. If for some reason a hunter, who closes the deal early, wishes to shorten his stay, we will accept to take him/her back early for a surcharge of 250$.


- Footwear: Synthetic and wool socks are the norm and cotton should be avoided. Any boots rated for -40 degrees (F or C) are appropriate, but it is important that they not be too tight. For very cold temperatures, polar boot covers are the way to go. Many take the precaution of changing their socks upon reaching their stand in order to eliminate dampness. This is a good idea since it increases the comfort during the waiting game.

- Hand wear: A good pair of well insulated gloves or mittens is ideal for the ATV excursions throughout the hunt. A pair of fitted wool gloves in combination with a hand muff and one or two heating pads is also a good option.

- Underwear: Again, no cotton! You should have at least one set of light polypropylene underwear plus one set of thicker ones. Make sure that they are not too tight around the waist.

- External shell: For Northern Canadian temperatures the best system available is manufactured in Alberta by Raven Wear . These clothes are custom made for you. The "anti-freeze" system and the wind breaker form a set of very warm and silent clothes, even at very low temperatures. This company offers different models, camo patterns, reversible vests and insulation levels.

- Head and face protection: One loses much of their body's heat through the head and face. A neck collar or baklava and a hat or toque to protect you from the wind is imperative.

NB :

1- Always remember that humidity and blood flow restriction resulting from clothes which are too tight are your worst enemies. Choosing more loose fitting clothes and to adopting a layering system can make the difference between a memorable or a miserable week of hunting. Here the best hunting period is between 9h30 am and 2h30 pm. To be efficient, you must be comfortable and still warm during those hours.

2- In Saskatchewan, hunting regulations require that a hunter wear a fully white top and an orange or red hat. We suggest that you use a very light white polar coverall. We have some at the lodge but we encourage you to buy one at any chain store like Walmart or Canadian Tire.

Hunting equipment

Even though you don't need any particular piece of equipment, we take this opportunity to suggest that your rifle should be something like a 270 Win or larger since our whitetail deer regularly reach the 250lbs mark on the scale. On the other hand, we are somewhat hesitant as to the use of binoculars. We strongly suggest that you use your telescope to identify and gauge your quarry. This way, you will not miss any opportunity because of the time required to switch from binoculars to rifle. The only places for which we recommend the use of binoculars are those offering a wide and open view.

One box of ammo is more than enough if you consider that we keep at your disposal most of the popular ammo types at the lodge. Bringing more is a personal decision but not really needed. We would rather have you put the emphasis on quality clothing and shooting precision and comply with the airlines weight rules. We can help you with various items at the lodge.

Several clients who hunt with us year after year choose to leave heavy clothes and boots with us. We have enough space to accommodate them as long as they provide us with a plastic container with a lid.


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