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The hunting guides, the hunt and the territory

In Saskatchewan hunting regulations allow the baiting of whitetail deer. In a forested environment where the density of whitetail deer is lower than in the agricultural land this approach was proven to be successful because a well presented bait can greatly help in harvesting beautiful specimens. This supplement of high quality forage leads to concentrations of does and bucks of different age classes. When the rut fires up the older males start visiting the baits looking for does in heat. We use this technique as our basic approach for hunting. However, having hunted Alberta for several years, where baiting is illegal, I was forced to learn to hunt differently and to discover the natural trails of big bucks. I had to learn to recognize when activity in a given sector is created by a doe in estrus. This hunting approach is often more successful for large and older bucks. At Bear Buck Obsession, we use two techniques with great care whether hunting on a bait or on non-baited natural trail, with care. Only a few hunting operations in western Canada hire guides having the necessary knowledge to combine these two approaches. We are proud to be one of them. Moreover we set up more than 20 trail cameras in various sectors because we feel that they are currently the best tool to detect the presence of an extraordinary buck on the territory.

Having belonged to several different guiding teams during my career, I have learnt that to accomplish one's task is one thing. But to do so with care and to get pleasure and satisfaction from doing it well, that's something else. That is the attitude we are looking for when recruiting our hunting guides and all of the operations staff in general. Since my needs are rather limited, I can afford the luxury of hiring competent and knowledgeable individuals who sill have the desire to learn but also with whom I take pleasure spending time with in the forest; the type of people we will be glad to associate with your hunting success. They are passionate, dedicated, competent but also easy to get along with and they show a real obsession for the pursuit of big bucks.

Our hunters must expect to stay in their stand all day and prepare to do so mentally. With good clothing and a comfortable seat this is a challenge that can be met by all. Why should one do this? The answer is simple, old whitetail deer are very sensitive and this "sit all day" technique minimizes the risk for errors: whitetail deer are the ones who should make the errors! All of our hunters will be positioned by their guide at daybreak. The guides will then contact them by radio a few times during the day to verify that the hunting conditions remain excellent. We have a diversity of stands: tower stands, ladder stands, classic tree stands as well as ground blinds, be they natural or portable. Each set is equipped with a shooting rail to optimize the accurate placement of that bullet for which you sacrificed so much in order to get a unique opportunity. Shooting distance will, on average, be fifty yards, mostly between 30 and 100 yards. However there will be the rare occasion for a 250 yards shot.

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Some of our blinds are closed and heated if required but we favor a more open approach without blind. Through the years, we have noticed that, in closed blinds, execution is slowed which can often lead to missed opportunities on quality whitetail deer. Mobility and the ability to observe all the surroundings of the hunting site considerably increase your odds of putting your tag on that buck of a lifetime. This is why we suggest that our hunters put emphasis on high quality clothing. Raven Wear, an Albertan company, has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of quality big game clothing that are truly adapted to our climate conditions. We urge you to contact them if needed.

We are lucky to be situated in the transition zone between the large boreal forest of the North and the Northern limit of Saskatchewan's agricultural lands. 100% of our territory is comprised of a mix of hardwood forest interspersed with pine or spruce stands, bogs or marshes. Beaver dams, rivers, creeks and some clear cuts in the North are adding to the quality of our habitat. The agricultural lands in the South are offering miles of super quality forage which acts as a nocturnal buffet for those deer that roam in the Southern part of the territory. During the day those whitetail deer head back into our territory. Our hunting sector virtually sees no hunting pressure from anyone other than our own hunters with the exception of some locals during the ten day moose season.


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