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Bear hunting in Canada

Our black bear hunting territory covers over 500 km2 (over 200 square miles). Bear Buck Obsession has an Exclusive outfitter's permit to hunt this area. Our unique location situated in a boreal forest, fringing agricultural land to the south and a provincial park to the north, gives you access to high quality habitats producing a large number of trophy bear. We know that to produce big black bears, their habitat must have an abundance of quality food available over long periods of time. Our black bear feast on a banquet of new aspen growth during the first warm days of spring, various wild berries during the summer months, our famous fall blueberries and finally, on the nearby agricultural production. Our black bears live very close to their food supplies. As a consequence, their medium weight is impressive and the survival rate of young black bear is usually very high, thus maintaining a large and stable bear population on our territory.

Since our hunters exercise the only hunting pressure on the territory, many of our black bears reach massive weights and a ripe old age. Over the past ten years, before we closed the hunt, several trophy bears have been harvested here, including a few measuring over 7 feet, exceeding 450 lbs and having a 20-inch skull score. (Pope & Young minimum is 18 inches.) Our black bears are known to have thick, rich and luscious furs and approximately one out of six bear is a color phase bear.

For opening season of 2016, we will maintain over 20 baited bear sites throughout the hunting season. (As with whitetail deer, your success may vary depending on your selection criteria in terms of black bear size and coloration.) . We begin baiting three weeks prior to the arrival of our first hunters. Each site has a trail camera, increasing your chances on a colored or large black bear and is set up with at least two stands, one for archers, another for firearm hunters or a cameramen. Wind direction is always considered before placing you anywhere!

With our extraordinary black bear territory, flexible approach to hunting, constant monitoring and baiting of all black bear sites, combined with quality lodging and hearty food, we feel you will have an exceptional hunt with an excellent chance of tagging your trophy class bear. If you tag out early, you can enjoy outstanding fishing for Northern pike and trout on our nearby lakes for the extra cost of only your fishing permit.


Terms and conditions

The cost of your hunting package with Bear Buck Obsession includes the following:

1- Transportation from Saskatoon to the lodge and back.
2- All the transportation during the hunt for the guide and two hunters.
3- Food and lodging.
4- The preparation of your trophy for transportation and taxidermy.
5- Six full days of hunting depending on the selected package.

Not included in your stay with Bear Buck Obsession:

1- Required canada bear hunting licenses. ( Around $225 USD)
2- Air (or other type of) transportation for your meat and trophy.
3- Related expenses associated with spending two Saturday nights in Saskatoon.
4- Alcoholic beverages, gratuities and 5% GST taxes on the total cost of the package.

Terms and conditions for reservations:

1- If you make a reservation during the current year of your package (for example in February for a spring hunt) a 50% deposit is required at the time of the reservation. Another 50% will be required upon your arrival at the lodge.

2- If you make a reservation a year in advance, a 1500$ deposit will be required to secure the dates. The balance will have to be paid in two equal installments according to the same schedule as in item number 1.

3- There will be no refund for any deposit. However a deposit can be credited to another client. A deposit can be transferred to another year but only if the outfitter is able to find another client to fill the vacancy created by the depositor's withdrawal. In this case however an extra 500$ will be charged to cover the additional costs.

4- The hunting fees are fixed. There will be no refund to a hunter who achieves early success during his/her stay with us or to a hunter who must leave earlier or for whatever other reason.

Black bear - Hunting packages

All the Canada bear hunting packages are for 7 days with 6 full days of hunting. The arrival at the main logde is midday on Sunday and your hunt is from Monday morning to Saturday night.

Contact us for the black bear hunting prices.


Bear Buck Obsession outfitters for an exciting whitetail deer or black bear hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada.