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About us

To begin with, let us agree that in order to succeed in the hunting industry, one must accept a very different lifestyle and be utterly passionate about what they are doing.


During my 10 years guiding Whitetail deer on Anticosti Island, I learned the difference in the mentality between a mature buck and the small boys.

I was lucky to begin hunting at the age of seven and took up trapping at twelve. Already at thirteen I was capturing foxes on a regular basis. At the age of eighteen the call from nature led me to a degree in biology and game management. Unable to live far from nature and its fauna, upon my graduation I chose one of the most beautiful workplaces imaginable; Anticosti Island. By becoming a whitetail deer hunting guide, I quenched my thirst by living there all year long. This opened a whole new horizon for me. While guiding, I joined my better half and started a career in wildlife photography earning a reputation that spread outside North America.

After ten years of successfully guiding sportsmen to the harvest of more than 500 mature whitetail deer, my wife and I bought a 640 acre forest farm in the Ottawa, Ontario region with the intention of turning it into an open laboratory. This was what triggered and initiated my career as a video producer in the hunting industry; a writer and a land management consultant. As before, all of these activities were centered on one subject, namely the elusive Whitetail deer.

In order to deepen my knowledge and widen my experience, at the beginning of the twenty first century, I changed the orientation of my guiding career and joined the team of an Albertan Outfitter specialized in the pursuit of trophy whitetails. Success came quickly and I was able to distinguish myself from the other guides by regularly leading my clients to harvest bucks scoring better than the industry standards while showing a deep understanding of the ways of old bucks in the context of large and mature forests. After seven years of faithful services, I left the Outfitter to become a full time videographer and producer.

As a guide, videographer and land management consultant specializing in the production of trophy bucks, I was lucky to contribute to the harvest of some deer scoring better than 170 B&C in three different provinces. I even had the privilege to see one of my clients bucks top the 200 B&C mark.

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During those years, several amongst you purchased our book entitled "Chasser le chevreuil" of which, to this day, more than 12000 copies have been sold. Others acquired one of our DVDs for both entertainment and educational purposes. Watching these videos (which sold quite successfully) positioned many of you to appreciate our acquired knowledge and competence in helping you to harvest that dream buck of a lifetime. After more than twelve years of guiding in Alberta, Canada and Saskatchewan, Cananda for 5 to 6 consecutive weeks annually, combined with similar experiences in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, I came to the conclusion that some sectors offer a better potential for hunting and the production of trophy bucks. Even in the central provinces of Alberta or Saskatchewan, territories are not equal. With time passing, the goal of acquiring a high caliber outfitting business led me to identify some of those sites where the elements concurring to male trophy development were all present. Last year, after a relentless search, we finally completed the acquisition of an outfitter business on a site offering high quality hunting potential and located on the southern border of Saskatchewan's Northern forest fringe and in the heart of one of the best territory that the province has to offer.

So, it is with both pride and nervousness that we invite you to consult our website and discover what we strive to offer you on our new domain, namely a unique hunting experience on a portion of 400 km² of boreal forest where the hunting pressure is so low that bucks can reach true maturity and their full potential and where bucks daylight movements are normal. In short, we invite you to come and hunt in an area where the hunter can legitimately hope to harvest a trophy at any one of our strategic stand locations.

We look forward to meeting you in one of our camps and to offer you the opportunity to harvest your buck of a lifetime… a real western Canadian giant.



Bear Buck Obsession outfitters for an exciting whitetail deer or black bear hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada.