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Other important information

New: a modern herd management policy.

As noted in the introduction, hunting superior class bucks is made difficult by their mere scarcity which is due principally to the number of years that it takes to produce a high scoring mature male. Studies have clearly proven that Saskatchewan produces 3.5 year old bucks which already score 130 B & C or better. The same studies also demonstrate that the real western Canadian monsters are often 6 years of age and older. So it is easy to understand that a territory that harbors a good number of 3.5 year old bucks offers a better chance of having some make it through an entire hunting season and in turn attain a score of 180, 190 or 200+ B & C. To increase the odds of allowing a greater number of adult males to reach the desired maturity and their full genetic potential, we shall put in place a serious predator control. Moreover, in the case of a harsh winter beginning, we will pursue with baiting.

It is the hunter's responsibility to be able to judge a deer rack in the field. Our camps are filled with comparative photos and we even have a unique reference guide system at the lodge to help you judge your deer while on stand. Very often, you will have a few seconds to take your decision.

On the other hand, we wish to go even further to insure the protection of quality prospects by introducing a reward program. To encourage our hunters to refrain from pulling the trigger on an immature buck, we shall refund 1000$ to any hunter who harvests a buck scoring 160 B & C or better during the last two days of hunting. Remember, if you want to harvest a mature buck you have to agree to let pass the young ones which have not yet reached their full potential.


All of our packages include the services of a professional guide along with great food. The package cost does not include possible rewards for the guide or cook (which is the norm in this industry). At Bear Buck Obsession, we believe that the gratuity which you are going to offer to the staff should reflect the degree of satisfaction that your stay with us has brought to you. If you are pleased with the team that has meticulously served you, we invite you to reward them appropriately.

Gratuities are a very personal thing and the information above has simply been provided to help should you be new at this sort of adventure. Following these guidelines will without a doubt be gratefully appreciated by the staff in place.

Rest assured that your decision will never be questioned.

Our policy on wounded deer or bear

When one of our hunters wounds a deer he must stop hunting on the day that he/she pulled the trigger as well as the following one. This is in order to grant enough time to the guide's team to make all the necessary efforts for a recovery. After the second day, the hunter may resume his/her hunt after a trip back to the shooting range. If a second deer is wounded and/or killed, an extra 1000$ charge will have to be paid to the outfitter immediately. In the past we have allowed a hunter to continue hunting after a bad shot and because of the time required to recover his deer, he killed another one. This deplorable situation involved game wardens and everything else that followed. In order to avoid such a scenario from occurring again, we decided to put this policy in place. A hunter needs to be aware and responsible whenever pulling the trigger. Good marksmanship, knowledge of their firearm and waiting until their trophy offers a good clean kill shot is of the utmost importance. This in all fairness and respect to the game we pursue and to the regulations which we strictly adhere to.

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